Designation : Higher Academic Grade
School / Centre : School of Bio Sciences & Technology
Department : Bio-Medical Sciences

Educational Details

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Department of Environmental Health

Toxicology (Dept. of Environmental Health, College of Medicine)
Graduated in 1995

University of Madras, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Environmental Studies (Science Option)
Graduated in 1990

University of Madras

Zoology, Botany, Chemistry
Graduated in 1985

Post Doctoral Experiences

PDF: Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA

Research Details

Areas of Specialization
  • Cell culture (primary cells; cell lines); Anticancer Drug Development (Natural Sources) & Delivery Systems; Cancer Biomarkers (DNA & cytogenetic-based); Toxicology -Algal Systems

: 13
: 17

Completed Funded Project Details

Title Funding Agency
PI SB/SO/HS/157/2013 - A comparative study of improved 'nano-stealth' delivery systems, for Luteolin, to mediate caspase-14 induction in HaCaT cells. DST, SERB, GOI

Books / Book Chapters Published Details

Title Publisher Published Year
Roy, B., Suresh, P.K., Chandrasekaran, N., Mukherjee, A. Toxic effects of engineered nanoparticles (metal/metal oxides) on plants using Allium cepa as a model system, Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry 84, pp. 125–143 2019

Other Information

Editorial Experience : 1)SPECIAL ISSUE EDITOR (GUEST EDITOR) – Suresh P.K. Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Death: Promises, Challenges and Pitfalls. [ https://fbscience.com/brxpjaazfyuqa.html/special-issue/1328642816178438181; https://fbscience.com/special-issue/special-issue/1328642816178438180] , 2016/2017 2) Guest Editor -Suresh P.K. -Gene Expression Signatures in Cancer. [http://www.krepublishers.com/gene_expression_signature.html], 2007