Dr. Lakshminarayana P

Designation : Assistant Professor Senior Grade 1
School / Centre : School of Advanced Sciences
Department : Mathematics

Educational Details

Sri Venkateswara University

Fluid Dynamics
Graduated in 2010

Sri Venkateswara University

Fluid Dynamics
Graduated in 2008

Sri Venkateswara University

Graduated in 2005

Sri Venkateswara University

Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science.
Graduated in 2003

Research Details

Areas of Specialization
  • Heat and Mass transfer
  • Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Flow through Porous medium
  • Peristaltic flow
  • Boundary layer.

: 13
: 19

Books / Book Chapters Published Details

Title Publisher Published Year
(1) Effects of Aligned Magnetic Field and Slip on Peristaltic Flow of a Williamson Fluid in a Flexible Conduit with Porous Medium, 2020, Springer (Singapore), online ISBN:978-981-15-4308-1, Print ISBN:978-981-15-4307-4. Springer (Singapore) 2020
(2) MHD and Cross Diffusion Effects on Peristaltic Flow of a Casson Nanofluid in a Duct, 2019, Springer (Birkhäuser, Cham), online ISBN: 978-3-030-01123-9, Print ISBN: 978-3-030-01122-2. Springer (Birkhäuser, Cham), 2019